"Karla is insightful, creative, spiritual, and gentle. She takes her time reading energy and exploring with you the way in which she needs to go to help bring the best out of you. Her intuition helps guide her practice and I can't say enough about how fun it is to explore energy with her. Meeting with her has helped me become more intuitive, opened up my own ability to be in touch with my energy and what needs to be given more attention, and has reminded me to be mindful of what my chakras are telling me. Every session is different, as she customizes based on what my needs are for that session. I highly recommend Karla, due to the gifts she was born with and her noticeable passion for her healing work and the clients in which she serves. I can't wait to come back!"

Rachel - San Diego, CA

“Excelente sesión, me encantó. Me hizo sentir en paz, tranquilidad y armonia. Fue mi primera vez tomando terapia de Reiki y mi experiencia fue muy bonita y enriquecedora. Sin duda la mejor”

Sué - Tijuana, Mexico

“Inviting and cozy atmosphere for a spiritually healing experience. Karla took the time to explain what the session would be like as this was my first Reiki session and reading, and she adjusted to my comfort level by checking in with me. Her readings were explained well and she took the time to hear me out too, which I appreciated the most. In a time when I was open to a new spiritual experience, the session was a jumpstart to healing”

Victoria - San Diego, CA

“Thank you SANA for helping me in this process, as I told you today, after receiving Reiki i felt better and stronger!! I see you in a couple of weeks for my next session”

Mara - Tijuana, Mexico